Funding Partners

We partner with a range of funders who share an interest in supporting the navigation of difficult lives. You can join our pooled fund or selectively co-invest alongside us. We can also issue joint calls where your strategic objectives align with the Agency Fund's approach. Or you can help build out the Agency Fund as an institution.

Innovation Partners

If your organization is building tools and services relevant to the Agency Fund, you can join us as an innovation partner. The most direct route is to apply for funding and become part of our portfolio. We support our ecosystem of partners through monthly peer learning exchanges, webinars on technical topics, and invitations to special events. We also provide hands-on mentoring from industry veterans, for non-profits and social ventures in our portfolio.

Technical Volunteers

We are always looking for experts in software development, product management, data science, and machine learning to help accelerate the organizations in our portfolio. We can match you with a partner organization for a time-limited sprint on a well-scoped project, with the expectation that you contribute a few hours per week.  

Have something to contribute?

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