The Agency Fund is mobilizing an ecosystem of diverse actors unified around a singular vision:

All people have the resources they need to envision, navigate toward, and realize a better future.

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Our mission is to invest in ideas and organizations that expand human agency. These are the values that guide our work:

Embrace human agency

We believe all people deserve to live with agency and dignity. 

We all face different tradeoffs, social contexts, and risks as we navigate the complexity of our lives. That’s why imposing one-size-fits-all solutions rarely works. Instead, we embrace human agency – the power to make conscious and deliberate life choices. Our role, and that of our grantees, is to accompany people with insights, information, and support that engage their consciousness and expand their sense of agency. We believe centering agency is impactful, respectful, and under appreciated. 

Continuously learn

We believe we can have an impact now - and become even better at what we do.

We’ll maximize our impact by continuously generating and using evidence to improve our day-to-day work. We draw inspiration from the tech sector’s practice of rapid iteration, which combines research, action, learning, and adaptation. We believe this model can be powerful when applied to human welfare – to build solutions that are exceptional at expanding human flourishing and reducing human suffering. 

Build for scale

Human suffering is pervasive - so we scale with urgency.

We seek to be nimble: as we find what is working, we aim to expand it quickly, wherever it is effective. We do not see a contradiction between localizing solutions to the individual and scaling to millions of people. We believe both are possible – and we see our role as amplifying and accelerating innovations that allow cost-effective and customized solutions to reach vast populations.  

Act from abundance

We believe there is capability and promise everywhere.

Even amidst suffering, we see potential for everyone to flourish. We envision a vibrant ecosystem of diverse organizations that prioritize collaboration and learning. As a donor collaborative, we see no reason to compete. We are not gate-keepers, but amplifiers. Our communities’ success is our success – and we believe we are only scratching the surface of what is possible together. 

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