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AI for Human Agency

Can AI be harnessed for social good? To find out, we’re allocating $2-4 million for projects that leverage AI for human agency.

On Agency: Building a human centered approach to development

Agency describes the capability to formulate goals, understand and navigate our environment, and learn, adapt and maintain resilience as we strive to achieve our ambitions.

What tech can learn from the social sector

At the Agency Fund, we care about the long-term impacts of new technologies. We want to learn how an app affects people’s health, safety, or prosperity. 


What happened when we tried to use LLMs and machine learning in our own work?

Demystifying LLMs (Part 2): Autonomous Agents for Data Analysis

Autonomous LLM agents can aid in data analysis tasks, specifically exploratory data analysis.

Demystifying LLMs: Experts in Language

Recent strides in machine learning have made it easier to harness “collective wisdom” for the public good. In this post, we will dive into LLMs.

Why we are keen on "learning implementers"

There is always lots to learn in any given context, so we seek grantees that combine research and implementation muscle under the same roof.